Eu Yong Xue

I am an aspiring game developer pursuing a degree in Communications and Media (Specialization in Games) in the National University of Singapore's School of Computing.

I enjoy programming and making games.

I code in various languages, most recently C++, C#, Python and Javascript.

I use Unity and Unreal Engine 4

Recently formed Diceroll Studios with some friends to make awesome games
My Projects

Pip: Giftbound (2015)

  • Made for SUTD Game Innovation Programme in 2015
  • Showcased at Changi Airport Terminal 3
    from November 2015 to January 2016
  • Christmas Themed Mobile game targeted at children
  • Sole programmer on the project
  • Made in Unity
  • Trailer

2048 Cubed (2014)

Muzig (2014)

  • Simple music based platforming game
  • Uses MIDI files to generate levels
  • 2-man project for a school programme
  • Stripped down version
  • Lead Programmer
  • Made in Javascript, PHP, MySQL

Dead-6 (2008)

  • One of my first games
  • Text based RPG with a graphical battle system
  • Coded on TI-89 Titanium graphing calculator
    that I brought everywhere with me
  • Personal Project
  • Made in TI-BASIC