2048 Cubed
2048 but in (almost) full 3D!


Try to reach the 2048 cube!
Press the Up/Down/Left/Right keys to move the cubes
Press W to shift the cubes backwards and S to shift the cubes towards you.
Use 1/2/3/4/5/6 to change the face of the cube you want to look at or use the buttons at the bottom.
Pressing the same number twice will let you go into an isometric view.
Drag the mouse to move the camera around manually.
Press Esc to access the menu
In Space Mode, prevent the asteroid from destroying the cubes
There are only 26 spots for cubes. There is no cube in the centre!

Created by nopol10 (Eu Yong Xue)
Based on 2048 by Gabriele Cirulli
which is in turn based on 1024 by Veewo Studio
which is similar to Threes by Asher Vollmer
Sound provided by freesfx.co.uk